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Is sugar bad for your teeth 🦷?

As the global food system is changing, so are the effects on our health. The overall consumption of sugar worldwide is increasing at an alarming rate, which is directly negatively impacting our oral hygiene

When you eat sugary foods, acids are released in your mouth that mix with saliva and bacteria to form plaque. Plaque then fights the enamel on your teeth and when hardened it turns to tartar.

Plaque and tartar are bad news for your teeth (and breath!) and can cause gum disease, tooth decay and cavities, ultimately throwing your oral microbiome into disarray.  Not cool. 

While we all love sugar, so does bacteria. Bacteria feeds off of sugar and creates acids which start dissolving the tooth enamel and consequently, causes cavities.

Sugar--sweetened drinks, along with basically every other processed food item, have a high amount of sugar and drinking/eating these can cause tooth decay.

Generally, the Western diet has too much sugar content that not only causes tooth decay, but also a plethora of other health issues, along with halitosis (street name, bad breath). Yuck!    

So…since we know we aren’t going to 100% give up sugar, how can we avoid plaque buildup? 

Drinking water after you eat is the first step for removing sugar particles from your mouth, but what happens to the particles left in between your teeth and tongue?

Dentists have always stressed upon brushing and flossing, but tongue scraping has not always been emphasized, until now. 

Enter -  the tongue cleaner

When selecting a tongue cleaner, you should look for quality and durability. There are lots of plastic tongue cleaners on the market these days, but these need regular cleaning and don’t last for long. Also, plastic… not great for the environment. 

Eco-friendly tongue cleaners do exist. The best tongue cleaners are made from copper because they last pretty much forever and are naturally antimicrobial, meaning bacteria cannot survive for long on their surface.

Our tongue cleaners are made from pure red copper, are thick and sturdy, and made according to a special process that means they do not oxidise as quickly as other copper tongue cleaners.

You can find them on our site. We might be biased, but give it a try and let us know!