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What is The White Layer On My Tongue 👅?

When you wake up in the morning, have you ever wondered what that white layer on your tongue is? 

Don’t worry, you are not alone. 

The tongue is divided into two parts:

  • Anterior
  • Posterior

The Anterior portion of the tongue has the cool ability to clean itself due to friction from speaking and swallowing. The Posterior portion experiences less friction, so less self- cleaning. 

Everyday, debris (food, drinks) accumulates on the Posterior section of the tongue which generates harmful oral bacteria. This bacteria is responsible for that gross white layer you see on your tongue each morning. This white layer also causes bad breath.

Don’t fret - it happens to everyone. 

So how do you kill this bacteria and get rid of that icky white layer on your tongue? 

Tongue scraping! #wake&scrape

Regular tongue scraping gets rid of this harmful bacteria, and candida overgrowth, which in turn reduces inflammation within the mouth, and gets rid of bad breath. 

The tongue cleaners available on the market range from plastic and steel to copper. Plastic tongue cleaners are affordable, but neither good for the environment nor your mouth’s microbiome.

They also don’t last as long as metal, so are inherently designed to make you buy them again and again. 

Stainless steel tongue cleaners are a good choice but are not antimicrobial like copper ones. 

Copper tongue scrapers have been preferred throughout the centuries because copper is naturally antimicrobial - meaning bacteria and viruses are killed by the naturally occurring properties in copper.

They are also durable and can last for a lifetime, making them the number one choice when looking for the highest quality tongue cleaner. 

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