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How to Have Perfect Oral Hygiene

It is important to take this four-step approach if you are looking to achieve perfect oral hygiene. 

 Let's start with the cheat sheet. There are four steps to perfect oral hygiene :

  1. A diet low in sugar, alcohol, and tobacco
  2. Regular teeth brushing 
  3. Regular flossing 
  4. Daily tongue cleaning with a tongue scraper 

Perfect oral hygiene starts with diet. A diet overloaded with sugar (including soda and fruit juice), alcohol, and tobacco is going to create an environment in which plaque can build and cavities form. This is bad news if you are looking to achieve perfect oral hygiene. Stick to vegetables, whole fruits, and lean proteins. 

Brushing your teeth is the next obvious step in achieving perfect oral hygiene. It’s one of the basic oral care routines instilled in us by our parents from an early age. 

We all know flossing is also something we should also be doing but let’s face it: it’s a harder routine to stick to. There is just something about flossing that makes it come up on our new year's resolution list again and again..and again. But keep at it, because it prevents plaque from building up on the gum line. Flossing picks or sticks can be an easier alternative to the traditional string floss.  

Then there is tongue cleaning. Your tongue makes up a big part of your mouth, but it’s oddly forgotten when we talk about oral hygiene. But for perfect oral hygiene, you cannot forget to clean your tongue. 

Cleaning your tongue involves using a tongue scraping tool every morning and scraping off the bacteria that accumulate on the tongue during the night. Tongue scraping has been around for thousands of years and is thought to have its origins in ancient Indian and Chinese medicine. Evidence has been found to suggest that the Romans practiced tongue scraping, as did nobility in the 16th and 17th centuries. So who missed the memo in modern times?

While tongue scraping remains a common practice in some countries such as India and Germany, in other countries it somehow disappeared from our radar. Unlike flossing, it is a very easy routine to implement, and only takes 5-10 seconds to completely detoxify the tongue from bacteria each morning. 

It is important to take this four-step approach if you are looking to achieve perfect oral hygiene. If you focus on dietbrushingflossing and tongue cleaning you will achieve five-star oral hygiene.

You can read more about tongue cleaning here (it’s our passion). 

If you are looking for a premium quality tongue cleaner that uses eco-friendly packaging without any evil plastic, you can find one here.  


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