Two foodies

Living in France

Two female founders living in France, who love indulgent food and flavour but who also love feeling healthy & well.

We relished the daily rituals of chocolate, coffee, and tea, yet at some point, found ourselves becoming trapped in a spiral of sugar and caffeine. So we set out to make food that is good for your body and mind, not just in the moment, but over the long term.


Our cult products

We are best known for our Nut Butter Chocolate range: nut butter squares dipped in raw dark chocolate and infused with plants, flowers and spices, as well as our Herbal Koffee: a natural coffee alternative with zero caffeine.

They are for those wellness foodies looking for a caffeine free or reduced-sugar lifestyle.

Read more about our food with integrity and intention here.

cosmic dealer tongue cleaner

All about our other

Wellness goods

From our natural vegan incense and delicious herbal teas to our famous Ayurvedic tongue cleaner – we create functional products that cater to our ever-evolving and holistic wellness needs.

We are super fans of Ayurveda, yoga, herbalism, holistic medicine, weird esoteric experiences, good food, indulgence and... believe it or not, roller dancing. 

Not everyone gets the things we do or like or eat. But that’s cool. We’re ahead of the mainstream wellness pack, floating somewhere in the cosmos, and we like it here.