Our new-age alchemy

We believe in

coming back to short, natural ingredient lists, using high-quality nourishing plants and artisanal production methods.

We'll never use

╳ industrial additives
╳ preservatives
╳ artificial colours & flavours
╳ refined sugar 
╳ erythritol 
╳ sugar alcohols 
╳ soy lecithin
╳ palm oil 

Our mantra

Less Sugar

We were addicted to sugar for far too long. Like really addicted. We founded Cosmic Dealer to help wellness foodies find alternatives without compromising on taste and quality and without the 'fake' industrial sugar alternatives.

More Plants

Low-intervention and raw production methods. Integrating Eastern botanicals into Western habits. Returning to what’s natural and non-artificial. They are all things that excite us.  

Higher Vibes

We make business decisions that to us seem normal, but others call sustainable and ethical. Whatever you want to call it, we treat people and the planet with respect and are developing our business in a slow, steady, and sustainable way.

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Functional & Energetic

Food with intention

We're firm believers that everything great in life begins with intention and positive energy, and we think food should follow suit.

Rather than mindlessly indulging in industrialised and artificial snacks, we believe there's power in infusing consciousness and intention into what we eat and how we eat it.

That's why the starting point for every product we create, is either an energetic intention, like exploration, connection, abundance, or harmony, or a functional one, such as sleep, energy, immunity, or relaxation.

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