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Cacao Ceremonies : a powerful spiritual experience

For thousands of years, cacao has been used for its medicinal and spiritual properties. The ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures consumed in ceremonial and ritualistic contexts as it was considered a gift from the gods, used to enhance health, strength and wisdom. Today, cacao ceremonies are regaining popularity in spiritual and healing communities around the world.


What is a cacao ceremony?

A modern day cacao ceremony is inspired by the ancient rituals associated with cacao. It is a communal experience in which pure cacao is taken in high dosages (usually drunk in liquid form), while participants are led by a trained facilitator who guides them through various physical or spiritual practices, such as meditation, breathing, dancing and chanting.


What are the benefits of a cacao ceremony?

Cacao ceremonies can offer many physical, mental and spiritual health benefits. The combination of the high dose of cacao, and the physical or spiritual practice, can result in some people entering a state of altered consciousness. 

Cacao is rich in antioxidants, magnesium and flavonoids, making a pure high dose of cacao a very nourishing food for the body. It is also known to increase levels of serotonin, a hormone that promotes feelings of happiness and well-being: preparing the body for an altered state. The physical or spiritual practice, for example intense breathwork, can help clear the mind and connect with intuition. Combined, these two elements may facilitate entry into altered consciousness. 


What happens exactly in a cacao ceremony? 

Every facilitator will conduct their ceremony in a different way. At Cosmic Dealer for example, we associate cacao with breathwork to bring participants into a deep emotional, altered state of consciousness. Although each ceremony varies, here is a typical rundown of a cacao ceremony: 

  • Explanation of the history of cacao and its ceremonial use
  • Deep dive into the benefits of raw cacao
  • Intention setting
  • Drink a ceremonial dose of liquid raw cacao (30 to 50g per person)
  • Couple the cacao with its chosen "co-pilot" of the session: breath, meditation, dance...
  • Enter an altered state of consciousness through the combination of cacao + co-pilot (yes, it’s possible !)
  • Emerge from the trance state, slowly come back to the space through guided meditation or sound-bath 
  • Sharing experiences

What type of cacao to use in a cacao ceremony?

Raw cacao is favored in these rituals: unprocessed dark chocolate that is ethically and sustainably grown. Cacao is often mixed with herbs and spices to reveal its aroma and medicinal properties. 

At Cosmic Dealer our raw, organic and ethically sourced cacao tablets can be melted and used for individual use. You can use 100% dark tablets and sweeten as you desire, or our 85% tablets which already include a hint of sweetness from dates. Our secret recipe is to make a tea using our Ceremonial Cacao & Rose tea, then mix melted chocolate into the tea. The result is a beautiful floral, spicy and rich experience. 

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