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Keto-friendly chocolate : how does blood glucose respond to our Chakras?

Steady energy, no sugar spikes, no fatigue crash.

We have been harping on about how our Chakras are healthy alternatives to sugary snacks so we decided to do the test with a German Doctor Anne Latz who did the test with the Hello Inside app. She tested multiple chakra flavours and tracked her blood sugar levels using the monitor connected to the Hello Inside app and...

Turns out, our chakra chocolates do not cause glucose levels to spike (compared to normal chocolate pralines). The combination of less than 2g of low GI date sugar, and nut butters means that they release slow and stead energy. No sugar spikes, no feeling of crashing mid afternoon, brain fog or being unfocused - like other sugary chocolate and snacks can do.



Some tips to balance your blood sugar

1/ Cover your carbs

The trick is to combine the right foods. Eating the right nutrients (proteins, fats, carbs) together is a great way to balance your blood sugar levels. Test for yourself how certain combinations affect your blood sugar.
Fruit + nut butter or other sources of protein, fiber and fat can help reduce blood sugar spikes = you'll feel fuller longer and get cravings less often. Be careful however to follow the Ayurvedic laws of digestion and not overcharge your system with too many different food categories.

2/ Smart snacks / deserts

Choosing smart snacks or deserts is the key. If you're craving something sweet, go for a Chakra Chocolate 🥰 You can also go for greek yogurt with berries and nut butter. But beware of dried fruits mixes = full of sugar. 

3/ Move

If you ate too muuuch sugar for a dessert or a snack, move around for 10-20 minutes, it's enough to improve your mood and lower your blood sugar. After lunch, take a little walk if you can. In Ayurveda it's also recommended to take 100 steps after each meal.