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How to be healthy according to Ayurveda?

In Ayurveda, the ultimate act of self-care is to learn to follow the rhythms of nature.


Tried all the hot new skincare products, sparkly face masks and detox juice cures, and still feel like you're running on 50% battery?

In Ayurveda, the ultimate act of self-care is to learn to follow the rhythms of nature. And in doing so, align mentally & physically with these cycles: the solar cycle, the lunar cycle and the cycle of the seasons.

Sounds simple enough but concretely what does this look like?

Ok so we are pretty used to following the solar cycle (we are active during daylight and go to bed at night), but with artificial lighting and constant digital stimulation, we've lost a lot of 'natural' connection to the sun. And most of us have completely forgotten about the poor old moon. Globalisation and the industrialisation of food as meant we don't all eat super seasonally either.

Ayurveda prescribes that if we truly realigned with nature, small acts of self-care will fall naturally into place.

Ideas ⬇️


Practices to align with the sun

⏰ Try waking up one morning a week with the sun

🧘 Short set of sun salutations (or movement) every morning

🍽️ Eat your largest meal of the day when the sun is at its highest (lunch) and your smallest when the sun is at its lowest (dinner). Breakfast is a medium affair

💡 After the sun goes down, dim down your lights at home. At least one hour before bed shut down your screen and pick up a book!


Practices to align with the moon

📱 Download a lunar cycles app (like My Moon Phase) so you know what phase the moon is in. Mere consciousness can cause a shift!

🎑 Try to look at the moon every night (moon gazing)

🚶‍♀️Even better: go outside and walk around under the moon (moon bathing)

📅 Women: google 'cycle hacking' and become aware of how you can optimise your life according to your monthly cycle

🌚 On a new moon: write down three new things you want to do in the coming month

🌝 On a full moon: celebrate!
Have a little ceremony, however small. Gather your favourite people and be grateful to have them in your life or sign up to a women's circle and see what they're all about, like Moon Sisters Paris.


Practices to align with the seasons

📍 Commit to eating seasonally (and locally)! Not only does it help your body naturally acclimatise to the seasons but its mucho bueno for the environment

🧹 Do a one-day cleanse at the beginning of each season. Include a neti pot (nasal cleansing) to clear out sinuses

🙋 Be aware of your Dosha (you can do the quiz on our site) to know how your particular dosha reacts to each season. Eg Pittas can get aggravated in summer, Vatas in early Winter and Kaphas in Spring. 


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