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Ayurvedic constitution : the difference  between your Prakriti and your Vikriti.


So, a few weeks ago, we got down and dirty with the Doshas.

You remember right? (awkward cough)

Vata: the airy energy
Pitta: the firy energy
Kapha: the earthy energy

While these three ubiquitous forces of nature live inside each one of us to various degrees, we tend to have one that is dominant.

The next step to understanding how they play out in our body and mind, is knowing the difference between your Prakriti and your Vikriti.


Prakriti: I am a Vata
Vikriti: I have a Pitta imbalance right now


PRAKRITI: your Doshic mix at birth

Your Prakriti is your Ayurvedic constitution at birth. It is your natural doshic state which is determined by the doshas of your parents, the time of your birth and the context of your conception. Your Prakriti will never change and it’s the state in which you are most in balance: it’s who you are.

For example, someone who is born with a dominant Vata dosha: with a thin frame who is often cold, is naturally creative and shies away from conflict. Their Prakriti is Vata.

VIKRITI: your current state of imbalance

Ok so now this little Vata is all grown up, she’s in her 30s, juggling a career, family, social life, finances … and generally just flying by the seat of her pants. No surprises, she starts to develop signs of Pitta Vikriti: bad skin, frustration, anger and burn out.

Inversely a person with a Pitta Pakruti could develop an excess of Vata Vrikriti, leading to anxiety, scatteredness, insomnia and other Vata-related joys.


The objective of Ayurveda is to put in place practices and rituals to keep us in the balanced state of our Prakriti, and to develop the awareness to recognize when a Vikriti imbalance creeps in, before it turns into illness or disease.

Recap on Vata, Pitta and Kapha below.

VATA (air & ether)

Vata Prakriti

By nature, a person with a thin frame, thin skin, and often kinda lanky. A well-balanced Vata dominant is cheerful, generous, creative, strategic and open to change.

Vata Vikriti

Too much Vata it can lead to anxiousness, indecision, fatigue, problems with digestion and bloating, decreased appetite & insomnia.

PITTA (fire & water)

Pitta Prakriti

By nature, a person with a toned well-proportioned body who builds muscle easily. A Pitta dominant person will be self-confident, ambitious and focused, with a selective memory, an insatiable curiosity and a fast metabolism.

Pitta Vikriti

If Pitta is out of balance, it can result in arrogance, anger issues, burn outs, reactive inflamed skin (acne, rosacea, eczema), acidity in the body and very strong feelings of thirst.

KAPHA (water & earth)

Kapha Prakriti

A person with dominant balanced Kapha has a strong body, great stamina, long and deep sleep, and a slow steady appetite. They are great communicators and people-connectors. Kapha brings stability, patience, tolerance and gentleness.

Kapha Vikriti

If Kapha is out of balance, it can lead to digestive problems resulting in weight gain, excess water retention, feeling sluggish and weary, sadness, laziness and depression.


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